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Florida Key's Exotic Dancers is looking for the best entertainers and exotic dancers from around the world to come to Key West, FL for money, fun and sun. You will encounter all kinds of job offers at strip clubs over the internet, so it's good to be cautious about people and who or what you find on the internet. We are an established company with legal documentation and have had a great deal of success with bringing in the best and hottest entertainers. Our girls have done amazingly well for themselves and have remained safe, confidential and remain connected to family and friends back home.

The best club ever in my life ... loved everyone I worked with and the owner is a sweetheart.


- M. Cruz

Exotic Entertainer Visa Information:


  • Entry Visa - An ENTRY VISA is NOT a WORK Visa. An entry visa is what SOME people need to travel to certain countries. To make sure you don't need an ENTRY VISA, ask a travel agent, GOOGLE IT, or contact the Embassy or Consulate of the place you wish to visit.

  • Work Permit - Is a document applied for by the employer on your behalf so that you can work there. It's up to the government of that country to decide ifthey will give you the opportunity to apply for a work permit. A WORK PERMIT is basically the same as a WORK VISA.

  • Green Card - A green card is an ID card for permanent residents who have alien status in the United States. It is "legal permanent residence status," the card holder can take up employment. The ( USCIS ) issues green cards.

  • Work License - Some US cities require you to have a WORK LICENSE. This is a license that must be applied for when you arrive in the city that you will be working. You must apply for the license before you will be allowed to work. Some clubs will assist you with the procedure. Our agency will inform you which clubs require a WORK LICENSE.

  • Sheriff's Card - A sheriff's card is pretty much the same thing as a city or state work license. You'll need a passport, photo ID, medical ID, or Social Insurance ID to apply for the sheriff's card. 2 pieces of ID will be required. You must apply in person at the local licensing office.


No one can help you get an entry visa, a green card, or a working holiday visa! You must apply for these on your own!


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Key West, FL Exotic Dancers From Around The World

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