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Florida Key’s Exotic Dancers of Miami, FL


Florida Key's Exotic Dancers is actively looking for the best entertainers, physically fit bodies and hottest exotic dancers to come to Key West, FL to fulfill your goals, lifestyle and to dance in the best strip clubs anywhere. We don’t promise you success, but there is ample opportunity to cash in on the rewards of the business and plenty of shifts and dancing opportunities. The rest is up to you.


So if you are seeking a new location, goal oriented, exciting entertainer that is 18-40 and in great shape, this may be the exciting destination for you.

The best club ever in my life ... loved everyone I worked with and the owner is a sweetheart.


- M. Cruz

Frequently Asked Questions Include:


  • How much do I pay to use the agency services?

           Dancers do not pay to use this website. It's free.

  • Does the club process me a work visa?

           No, we do not help you with a work visa.

  • Can I bring my boyfriend or husband?

           No sorry- the accommodations provided are for female guests only. You can always pay for your own hotel                  

           accommodations and bring hubby along. It’s just not permitted when the club is paying part or all of the  

           lodging. Lodging is for FEMALE dancers working at the club only.

  • Do these clubs pay my airfare ( travel ) and lodging expenses?

           NO, the dancers are required to pay those fees, but there is inexpensive lodging available.

  • Is there a maid service provided?

           Yes, there is.

  • What should I bring from home?

           Bring your own comforts from home such as; mobile phones, laptops, pillows, sheets, towels, candles, books,

           teddy bears, and tea. Only the basic furnishings are provided in the apartments, such as beds, TV, WiFi, sofa,

           chairs and tables and dishes. That sort of thing.

  • How much money will I make?

           You are working at a commission based job, therefore it’s impossible to tell you how much money you will

           make. Dancers at this club usually make between $200 and $700 a night depending on looks and attitude.

  • What should I expect?

           You can expect a job, a place to stay, and a unique experience. Don't place too much emphasis on your    

           expectations about work. Just show up ...and have fun!

  • Can I just contact the clubs on my own?

           Yes, you can. Call 305-809-7659.

  • I really like this club and want to come back- what should I do?

           Ask the club owner or manager if they will have you back; if so then contact Chance ( email is best ) and let

           him know when you want to return so he can put you on the calendar.

  • How do I refer a friend?

           Please just give your friend our website address and ask her to apply with at least 2 good photos. Tell her to  

           put your name as a referral on the form.


If you have more questions, please call or email and we will do the best to answer them for you.


Contact Florida Key's Exotic Dancers today at 305-809-7659, or browse the website for more information about safety issues and work visas or the benefits of Key West, Florida.

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